movie therapy

Prova provaBeing transessxual or gender nonconforming is a matter of diversity, not pathology. Culture is therapy for change, for the development of human emotion and about feeling things. The movies are culture.The using movie-therapy as supplement in psicotherapy is documented in scientific literature, both in Usa and in Europe. It is used in several therapeutic models (such as individual, family, group) and in many theoreticals guidelines (such as psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, systemic relational, etc). Through pictures of The Danish Girl the patients may be able: face/resolve conflicts, normalize sexual prejudices about themselves; normalize sexual prejudices about: family group, best friends, any partner on his body and gender identity.
Material and Method(s);
Tom Hooper‘s film The Danish Girl is based on David Ebershoff‘s 2000 novel about the lives of artist Gerda Wegener and her transgender artist spouse Einar, who became Lili Elbe in the 1920’s and 30’s. The challenges transgendered people endured nearly a century ago and still experience today brutal physical examinations, homophobic violence, specialists who prescribe primitive medical experiments like penis radiation and drill holes into the brain to cure what they erroneously diagnose as schizophrenia. This movie for its psychological configuration, regarding specific medicine sexual topic: it’s first transgender surgery.
Movie-therapy consists in a short introduction followed by “showing movie”, at this point the group discussion about/regarding the dynamics shown during the movie can start.
The patients may be able to problem solving, coping, mirroring and relationship transformation about family group and social group. These clearly a psychological markers considered by the group saw the movie: reflections first transgender surgery, gender-reassignment surgery, identity construction, detector other than itself, social reintegration new identity.
Across the movie-therapy, the patient may be able to explore the situations and several types of personality, self-consciousness by psychological disorders, and potential insight.
The movie could be validly used with patients touched by sexual identity confusion, gender dysphoria, disperception its own body, social unacceptable, transphobia and consequently guilt feelings, feelings of shame, major depression, suicidal tendencies, self harm.

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