About me

Susanna Basile clinical psychologist and sexologist. I deal with psychological syndromes; specific phobic disorders; psychophysical, affective, sexual, food, addictions; dependence on both behavior and substances; psychosomatic disorders; psychophysical trauma and panic attacks. I have a degree in philosophy and pedagogy and I study the processes related to female and couple sexological fertility. Specializing in functional psychotherapy, I use psycho-corporeal techniques such as anti-stress functional massage, diaphragmatic breathing and guided imaginations. I am the leader of groups with a bioenergetic address, working on voice and psycho-corporeal emotions. I am an expert in movie-therapy, that is, the therapeutic use of films and TV series, theater-therapy, that is, the therapeutic use of theater; art-therapy, that is, the therapeutic use of art. I am the editorial assistant of the online magazine Siciliareport where I manage some sections. I have several participations to sector conferences and scientific publication of my works. Experienced work-related psychologist, I run a volunteer counter at a national union.