WAS Praga 2017

The WAS Scientific Committee together with the Local Scientific Committee is organizing a scientific programme of excellent quality for the WAS Congress in Prague. An extensive number of key international leaders in sexual health and sexual rights topics already accepted to present at the Prague Congress (see below). The scientific programme emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of Sexual Health/Sexual Rights covering 7 main themes: Basic Research, Behavioural, Social & Historical, Bio-medical Research, Clinical Research & Practice, Public Health & Policies, Sexual Rights, and Sexuality Education. Besides the scientific diversity, we will also have gender balance and regional representation, with invited speakers coming from the five continents. Moreover, we will have an extensive number of symposiums organized by Global organizations as well as WAS affiliated societies from around the world presenting and discussing the most central and current challenges in the fields of sex research/sexual health/sexual rights as well as in-congress workshops with key leaders and experts in the field. This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to come together and present, share and discuss with key leaders and colleagues from across the world while enjoying a real multidisciplinary and global atmosphere.

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