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Bach flowers: psychophysical disorders are a matter of mental attitude

Bach flowers are part of alternative remedies in the context of the treatment of psychophysical disorders. They are excellent remedies that can be used together with a psychological support therapy, let's see why


Edward Bach believed in caring for the person rather than psychophysical disorders: this conviction, together with his spirituality, spurred him to look for a system of care that took into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that he considered at the basis of the onset pathology.
According to Bach, psychophysical disorders arise from the patient’s inability to listen to his intuition and follow a positive instinct. The human being becomes vulnerable to psychophysical disorders when an underlying resistance acts as an obstacle to the true development of the personality: this resistance can take the form of emotions such as, fear, anxiety, anger, mental rigidity, depression, sexual disorders that may be sufficient to burn the positive potential of a balanced personality. Bach’s healing method consists in using the natural forces of some varieties of wild and harmless flowers; certain floral remedies, used alone or together with other treatments, change the negative mental states, consequently, by modifying the latter the basic cause of the psychophysical disorders is no longer present. Being linked to emotional and physical mental states, Bach flowers connected to a supporting psychological therapy become an indispensable tool for change. Floral remedies have a very subtle effect on mental states and only indirectly affect the body; however, the general change of the person, more or less slow, will be complete. The remedies are 38 remedies discovered by dr. Bach and are indicated for a particular type of character or emotional state. To choose the remedies you only need to reflect on what kind of person you are and the emotional states that you are feeling. Then you can take the remedies you need. It is advisable to follow the instructions of those who have experience in this field. A series of articles on this site will give you practical advice but an interview with a psychologist specialized in this regard could complete the knowledge of your personality. The flowers are divided into categories with respect to the problems they can solve. We will start with the group of flowers that relate to fear.
1) Rock Rose, Eliantemo, Helianthenum nummularium;
2) Mimulus, Mimmolo, Mimulus gattatus;
3) Cherry Plum, Viscida, Prunus cerasifera;
4) Aspen, Pioppo, Populus tremula;
5) Red chestnut, Castagno rosso, Aesculus carnea.

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