ATSAC Annual Conference 2018

ATSAC 2018 Annual Conference
Book your place now on our exciting one-day annual conference designed for therapists, practitioners and researchers who are interested in learning more about working with sexual addiction and compulsivity.

Hear from eminent experts and attend workshops on related topics. With three different keynote speakers and six workshops, you can select the workshops relevant to your area of interest
Our 2018 Speakers include:
Dr Fiona McKinney
Counselling Psychologist and Integrative Psychotherapist
Fiona is a Chartered Psychologist, integrative psychotherapist and independent researcher. Working from a developmental-relational perspective, she has a particular interest in how addiction is shaped by early relational influences, how it develops into a developmental-relational problem and how this informs current treatment approaches. Fiona is a research supervisor and examiner on the Metanoia Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy by Professional Studies. Her doctoral research explored ‘How relational therapists work with affect regulation in their work with female sex addiction.’

Dr Ross Bartels
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Dr Ross Bartels is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Lincoln (UK). As part of his doctoral research at the University of Birmingham, Ross investigated distorted cognition, deviant sexual interests and sexual fantasies in forensic and community populations using a cognitive framework. His current research continues to explore these issues. Ross is also a Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the Journal of Sexual Aggression and the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

Dr Roberta Babb
Clinical Psychologist specialising in Forensic psychodynamic psychotherapy
Roberta is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked with forensic populations in a psychologically informed way since 2002 and as a qualified clinician since 2008. She has a specialist interest in personality disorders, diversity and sexually compulsive offending behaviours. She has worked in a variety of forensic contexts and with a diverse range, and severity of offending behaviour. She has trained in a varied battery of psychometric risk assessments. Roberta is in the progress of completing the qualifying forensic psychodynamic psychotherapy programme which is delivered by The Portman Clinic.

Female Sex Addiction: A Forgotten Population?
Dr Fiona McKinney
Female sex addiction is an often-overlooked dimension in the field of addiction psychology and research. It has perhaps been located erroneously in a more male dominated paradigm. This presentation will consider the tensions and challenges for clinicians who work with female sex addiction in terms of definition, diagnoses, assessment and treatment and argue for a more gender sensitive approach to clinical intervention. We will explore female sex addiction as a condition underpinned by a woman’s early attachment disruption and as such consider the therapeutic repair to these clients’ derailed capacity for affect regulation as a central therapeutic concern and treatment outcome. Fiona will draw on ideas of attachment theory; affect regulation and affective neuroscience research, inviting us to understand therapy as being an affect communicating cure rather than a talking cure.

Sexual Deviance: What We Know So Far
Dr Ross Bartels
The presentation will outline and critique older theories and research on sexual deviance. It will provide an overview of newer theory and research that help understand sexual deviance. The translation of sexual deviance into deviant behaviour will be discussed and critiqued, and an overview and evaluation of traditional and new methods for assessing sexual deviance provided.

Stolen Love: The Dark Side of Sexually Harmful Behaviours
Dr Roberta Babb
Roberta will introduce the Dark Web and Virtual Private Networks and provide an overview of the types of sexually compulsive behaviours and risks commonly seen which utilise the Internet, virtual private networks and the dark web. Roberta will discuss ways of talking about the use of the dark web and its role in the presenting problematic behaviour within the therapy. Issues of managing anxiety: Client, Therapist, System (Community and Professional) will be explored along with the importance of Supervision.

Morning workshop sessions:
(Please select one workshop from A, B or C)
Workshop A – Female Sex Addiction: A relational Issue SOLD OUT
Dr Fiona McKinney
The workshop will be building on the earlier presentation (‘Female Sex Addiction: A Forgotten Population?’) to consider how we as clinicians think about these ideas in our own therapeutic practice. Consideration will be given to how female sex addict clients’ persistent affect dysregulation maintains their addictive processes and how this can be addressed within a relational approach to therapy. How the co-regulation of affect between therapist and client can bring about change, repair and recovery will also be explored.

Workshop B – Recognising and responding to erotic transference with clients presenting with sexual addiction PLACES LIMITED
Sally Openshaw
The workshop will look at the definitions of erotic pleasure and erotic horror. Consideration will be given to the normalising of sexual attraction between therapists and clients, how to recognise when it is there between you and them, and managing the impact on yourself, on the client and the created space between you. Opening discussions more fully to gain greater depth in the work will also be explored. Sally Openshaw is an integrative sexual and relationship psychotherapist. Sally has trained in EMDR and sex addiction and works with complex trauma. Sally manages Towerhouse Counselling.

Workshop C – Working with partners of sex addicts PLACES LIMITED
Stephanie Palin
In this workshop, Stephanie will explore the issues facing partners of sex addicts. The partner’s experience of trauma will be discussed along with ways of working with the partner’s trauma. Stages of recovery for the partner will be identified and strategies for building and rebuilding intimacy will be covered. Stephanie has worked as a Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist for 30 years. Stephanie has just joined ATSAC as a trustee and runs a diploma course in Sex Addiction.

Afternoon workshop sessions:
(Please select one workshop from D, E or F)
Workshop D – New Approaches to Understanding and Managing Sexual Fantasies SOLD OUT
Dr Ross Bartels
The workshop will be used to discuss and critique the concept of ‘sexual fantasy’. A new theoretical model that explains sexual thoughts and fantasies will be presented. How this new approach can inform the assessment and treatment of problematic sexual fantasies will be demonstrated and discussed.

Workshop E – Shining the light on the dark side of sexually harmful online behaviours PLACES LIMITED
Dr Roberta Babb
The workshop will be building on the earlier presentation ‘Stolen Love: The Dark Side of Sexually Harmful Behaviours’ to explore the implications for therapists of clients’ use of the dark web.

Workshop F – The Cost of Caring: Working with sex addiction and understanding Compassion Fatigue PLACES LIMITED
Jackie Williams
The workshop will aim to provide an overview of what Compassion Fatigue is and outline a cluster of the different categories. These include: Vicarious Trauma, Burn Out, Primary Trauma, Moral Distress, and Life Work Balance. The workshop will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own practice and responses they have experienced when working with sexual addiction. Additionally Jackie will share and explore strategies to help reduce Compassion Fatigue.

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