Fiss Week of sexual well-being: 1 October Parents and children

How to be able to talk to your children about sexuality affectivity and disease contraception and be listened to? This is the proposal by the two professionals, the psycho-sexologist Susanna Basile and the expert on sex education Gabriella Catania. Where is it? At the Uil of Catania in via Di […]

The Dacryphilia and cry-addiction

What is Dacryphilia? The term comes from the Greek Daikru tears and Philia Love. It is one of the latest couple trends, loving, affective and sensual that is becoming a real fashion. It consists in experiencing sexual pleasure seeing your partner cry, due to tiredness, pain or discomfort. Or even […]

Night hunger correlation and dependence between sex and food

Changing the object of desire is the most effective way to eliminate nervous nocturnal hunger. If the object of desire moves from food to some more functional activity, it is possible to satisfy desire and feel better, avoiding harmful and dysfunctional behaviors for our physical and mental health. Did you […]

Movie Therapy: Don Jon by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The using movie-therapy as supplement in psychotherapy is documented in scientific literature, both in USA and in Europe. It is used in several therapeutic models (such as individual, family, group) and in many theoretical guidelines (such as psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral, systemic relational, etc.). Movie- therapy has been said by its […]